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First course for training nutritionists at the Hygiene Institute of São Paulo (current Faculty of Public HealthUniversidade de São Paulo)

Foundation of the Brazilian Nutrition Association (ABN), later called the Brazilian Nutrition Association (ASBRAN)

Creation of ANUSPA USP Nutritionists Association (University of São Paulo)

II Brazilian Congress of Nutritionists held together with ADESP (Association of Dietitians of the State of São Paulo)

Participation in discussions on the regulation of the Nutrition course by MEC
Regulation of the Nutrition course by MEC (Resolution No. 514 of 07/29/64)

I Meeting of Nutritionists

III Meeting of Nutritionists
Regulation of the NUTRITIONIST profession (Law No. 5,276 of April 1967)

IV Meeting of Nutritionists

V Meeting of Nutritionists

Participation in discussions on university level recognition of the Nutrition course

ANUSP name changed to APAN (Associação Paulista de NUTRICIONISTAS)

Creation of the CFN / CRN System Councils

Acquisition of the first APAN headquarters on Avenida AngélicaHigienópolis

Installation of CRN3 at APAN headquarters
8th International Dietetics Congress held in partnership with other Nutrition entities

Creation of SINESP

Change of name to APAN (Associação Paulista de NUTRIÇÃO)

Realization of the I Update Course for Nutritionists of the Municipality of SP

APAN director participation in the International Congress of Dietetic in Paris as delegate representing FEBRAN

Book launch "History of the nutritionist in Brazil1939 to 1989" by ASBRAN

Installation of the Transactional Commission on the APAN board

Participation of APAN employees in the discussions of CVS Ordinance 06/99 of 03/10/99 "Technical regulation on parameters and criteria for sanitary hygienic control for food establishments"

Launch of the new APAN logo and the website

"Action, Health and Nutrition" event commemorating World Food Day with educational action at the Villa Lobos and Burle Max Parks, as well as insertions in the media to promote healthy eating

1st University Recipe Contest held with the company Mead Jonhson

II University Recipe Contest held with the company Mead Jonhson (final on 10/31/02)
Participation in the 1st Municipal Conference on Food Security promoted by COMUSAN (Municipal Council for Food and Nutrition Security of São Paulo)

Participation in CONSEA (São Paulo State Council for Food and Nutritional Security)

Creation of the Committee to discuss the inclusion of the Nutritionist in the Family Health Plan (PSF) of the Municipality of São Paulo (PMSP) members: SINESP, CRN, ANUM.
APAN's participation in COESPSpecial Commission for the Recognition of Titles of Nutritionists' Experts according to Ordinance No. 133/2002 of 02/27/2002.

III University Recipe Contest held with the company Mead Jonhson (final on 10/31/03)

APAN's participation in the Food and Nutrition Intersectoral Commission integrated with the National Health Council of the Ministry of Health, to discuss the guidelines of the Food and Nutrition Policy.
Participation in macro regional workshop (RJ, MG, ES, SP) for the training of professionals, promoted by the General Coordination of Food and Nutrition Policy and the Primary Care department of the Health Secretariat of the Ministry of Health

1st CP Nutri (Paulista Nutrition Congress) together with EXPO Dietética Diet e Light and Soy Congress

Realization of APAN EXPO 2004 and 2nd CP Nutri together with HIGIEXPO 2004 and EXPO PRAG 2004 (1, 2 and 3/09/04)
Creation of GRAITAN (APAN Group for Updating Technological Innovations in Food and Nutrition)
Dinner held to celebrate APAN's 50th anniversary at the Palácio dos Bandeirantes
. 2005 - Creation of the study groups GAPS (Apan Group for Health Promotion) and GNUC (Clinical Nutrition Group)
3rd CP Nutri (26 to 10/28/05)
Launch of the book "Food quality, microbiological, nutritional and sensory aspects" APAN Scientific Update Series volume 1 of the GRAITAN study group (APAN Update Group on Technological Innovations in Food and Nutrition)

Creation of NUTRIMARKGroup of Marketing and Nutrition Studies
Revision of the statute according to the new Civil Code
I held the 1st Linda Jorge Kalil Bussadori Award for Nutrition undergraduate students together with ASMAN and CRN3
XIX CONBRAN "Food and nutrition for the millennium goals" in São Paulo together with ASBRAN from 12 to 15/09/2006

Realization of the 4th CP Nutri: Walking the paths of Nutrition and Food (23 to 25/08)
1st Zarife Nacle award for students of the technical course on Nutrition and Dietetics together with CRN3 and ASMAN (06/20/2007)

Realization of the 1st São Paulo Nutrition Forum "Nutrition and Food: thinking in motion" (15 and 16/08/08)
Launch of the book "A fork of marketing" APAN Scientific Update Series volume 2- of the Nutrimark study group (APAN group on Nutrition and Marketing)
Restart of the University Cauldron study group for students
Creation of the GANAC study group focused on the gastronomy area
Definition of mission, vision and values
Acquisition of new headquarters on Avenida PacaembuPacaembu

5th CP Nutri "Nutrition: taste of a healthy life" from 13 to 15/08

2nd São Paulo Nutrition Forum "Movement is ActionThe paths of Food and Nutrition.
2 workshops: children's and coffee making
Participation in the 5th Municipal Conference on Food Security promoted by COMUSAN (Municipal Council for Food and Nutrition Security of São Paulo)

6th CP Nutri "Nutrition: health, pleasure and emotion. The challenges of the decade!

7th CP Nutri "Nutrition Challenges: Invar and Integrate"
1st APAN Meeting (Sports Nutrition)

2nd APAN Meeting (Child Nutrition)

1st Meeting of School Meals.
1st Apan Consultants Meeting - Partner Instituto Alana.
Participation in the 6th Health and Citizenship Fair in Largo do Cambuci. Promoted by the Rotary Club - Nutritional assistance and guidance.

Conversation topics held: School Meals, Strategic and Financial Management in UAN, Technology & Food, People Management, Gastronomy Backpacking and Standardization of Services in Commercial Restaurants.
2nd Apan Consultants Meeting - Instituto Alana Partnership.
Conbran 2016- Participation of a board member as a speaker.
Participation in the 7th Health and Citizenship Fair in Largo do Cambuci. Promoted by the Rotary Club - Nutritional assistance and guidance.

Workshop - Weight of diets + I love food - Dr. Sophie Deram.
Realization of Practical Workshop - Anthropometry Applied to Nutritional assistance - Dra. Mirtes Stancanelli.
3rd Apan Consultants Meeting - Insert Partnership.
Realization of the Partners and Supporters Project - 1st meeting of Partners and Supporters.
Association Participation and Presentation at CRN3 Jovem.
First Professional Improvement Day held between the entities (Apan, SINESP and CRN3).
Participation in the 8th Health and Citizenship Fair in Largo do Cambuci. Promoted by the Rotary Club - Nutritional assistance and guidance.
Participation in the meeting between the Class Entities held at the headquarters of the Union of Nutritionists of the State of São Paulo, in a meeting with the objective of a wide technical discussion about the bill 550/2016 - Food for All Program - recently sanctioned by Mr. João Dória, mayor of the municipality of São Paulo.
Launch of the 1st Apan Institutional video - Racine Partnership.

Jan / 2018 - We held the first course of the year in partnership with SINESP (Union of Nutritionists of São Paulo) - Labor Reform: Understanding what has changed.
. Mar / 2018 - Continuing the work of selecting partners for our events and courses, our directors Márcia Melo and Angélica Freitas, and collaborator Talissa Vieira, visited CEAGESP, the largest supplier of organic fruits in Brazil, TERRA FRUTAS ORGÂNICAS.
Director Felisbela Pino participated representing APAN at the E4 & SBNE Meeting (Brazilian Society of Nutrition and Aesthetics).
Collaborator Angélica Freitas represented APAN in the professional orientation lecture for nutrition technicians and nutritionists at CRN 3.
. Apr / 2018 - Participation of President Denise Cussioli representing APAN, together with CRN-3 and SINESP, in the colloquium of professional entities in the field of Nutrition held by the Faculty of Public Health of São Paulo.
II Meeting of Sports Nutrition.
CONBRAN 2018: Participation of a board member as a speaker.
President Denise Cussioli's participation in Genelac (Study Group on Enteral and Lactary Nutrition), presenting and publicizing our actions.
Collaborator Talissa Vieira represented APAN at the Knowledge Caravan at Fazenda Jaguacy Partner of APAN,
Participation of collaborator Dulcineia Carvalho in the Nutrinews Conference - rethinking School Feeding - APAN is participating in CEAE - State Council for School Feeding in the state of SP.
. May / 2018 - APAN was present at the 5th Brazilian Meeting on Aesthetic Nutrition, We were able to show a little of our Association and present our line of products in partnership with the agency E4A Comunicação e Marketing.
II Meeting of Clinical Nutrition.
President Denise Cussioli and directors Angélica Freitas and Talissa were present and representing Apan at the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Union of Nutritionists of São Paulo and delivery of the SINESP 2018 Writing Contest award.
Participation of President Denise Cussioli in the XXXVII JENUT- Study day in Nutrition at the University of MOGI das CRUZES, presenting Apan and speaking at the event.
Participation of Directors Dulcineia, Angélica and Collaborator Maria Cristina representing Apan in the Training Course for Nutritionists in Commercial Restaurants. A partnership between CRN, SINESP and APAN. Our directors Aline Fonseca and Laura Alonso were present to speak.
Participation of Vice President Aline Richter, in the Vida Plena program talking about What are the best types of cooking oil.
. Jun / 2018 - Participation of the director Claudia Morata presenting Apan at an event of our Partner Dellt- Termometers.
Participation of director Cleide Araújo, from Vale da Paraíba, representing APAN in Taubaté at Clínica Goldner in the course with the theme "Saboteurs of Weight Loss".
Director Angélica Freitas, Cláudia Morata and collaborator Narcisio, attended the Meeting of Convocation of Nutritionists and meeting of the young CRN3 group, for the dissemination of APAN.
President Denise Cussioli and director Angélica Freitas attended UNASP (Centro Universitário Adventista de São Paulo) to present the association to students and graduates of the nutrition course and also to propose future partnerships.
Participation of the director Angélica, presenting APAN in the course of our partner
Participation of Directors Dulcineia Carvalho and Elisabeth Fakih were present representing and presenting the catch at the event in celebration of the day of the Technician in Nutrition and Dietetics at ETEC in Mandaqui.
Directors Angélica, Dulcineia and Talissa participated in the election process at the CAE meeting (School Meals Council), with the approval and representation of the civil entity - Apan by Director Dulcineia Carvalho.
Director Angélica Freitas participated with other nutrition professionals at the headquarters of the Regional Council of Nutritionists of the 3rd Region SP-MS for the award ceremony of the TND in Action Video Contest. The CRN-3 initiative is part of the celebrations
. Jul / 2018: - Participation of Apan with its Stand in the 9th Edition of Gluten Free Brasil - July 13 and 14, partnership with the agency E4A Comunicação e Marketing.
IV Consultants Meeting in partnership with Insert Educacional.
. Aug / 2018: - On August 8, the director Angélica Freitas was at the University of Brazil, campus Itaquera, presenting and publicizing the actions of APAN to teachers and students as part of the reception event for students of the educational institution.
Apan participation in the COMUSAN Inauguration event: APAN was represented by our Alternate Director Dulcinea Carvalho, in the possession of the new Comusan Councilors - Municipal Council for Food Security of São Paulo, management 2018-2020. The event took place on August 15, at the São Paulo City Hall.
On 08/24, part of Apan's board participated in Happy Cooking-Rational in celebration of “Nutritionist's Day” with the central theme “How technology helps professionals to create healthier menus, highlighting the director Simone Valvassori, speaker”.
The board of directors met on 08/29 - celebration of Nutritionist Day - Soups Festival of CEAGESP.
. Sep / 2018: - On 09/14 APAN President and Directors attended the Wheel of Conversation Fair Trade and Food Security at the XIV International Congress on Functional Nutrition of the VP.
APAN participation in Simponutri 2018. Days 18 and 19/09 at Centro Universitário São Camilo Ipiranga.
Apan's participation represented by the director Felisbela, presenting Apan's mission and actions at the summoning event to the new Nutritionist professionals - CRN3- São Paulo.
Participation on 9/26 of our Director Dulcinea Carvalho at the CAE Meeting (São Paulo Municipal School Food Council), which took place at the Mokiti Okada foundation.
. Oct / 2018: - APAN was present at the 7th Brazilian Sports Nutrition Meeting, we were able to show a little of our Association and present our product line in partnership with the agency E4A Comunicação e Marketing.
Apan Social Action Campaign: In celebration of World Food Day 16/10, we promoted a social action with the collection of non-perishable food, sharing it with a charity, welcoming action in partnership with SINESP AND CRN3.
. Nov / 2018 - On 9/11, non-perishable food was donated to the Sister Nice-NAF Assistance and Social Development Center, which was collected in celebration of World Food Day on 10/16. The members of the Apan board, the board of Sinesp (Union of Nutritionists of São Paulo) and the companies G&D Comércio e Serviços de Informática and the World Supplier contributed to this social action.
On 11/10, for the 5th time, APAN was a partner of the Rotary Club in Action for Health and Citizenship for the population of the region of Cambuci- São Paulo and its surroundings. With multiplication regarding Nutritional Orientation based on collection of anthropometric data carried out in loco to approximately 170 people.
On 11/24, APAN represented by Director Talissa Vieira - participated in the UPXP 2019 pre-event, building future partnerships.
On 11/28, we received the visit of the President of ANEPA: Socorro Paredes, getting to know APAN, reviewing friends and training with the group. On the same day, we received the CEO of Vitalice - Jessica Amorim, who trained Apan directors in training in Digital Marketing - Fidelized Partnership.
On 11/30 our President was present at the IX ENAAF (Asbran National Meeting and Affiliated Entities) and Agod (Ordinary General Assembly of Delegates) meeting.

. 1st semester 2019 - On 01/23/2019 The President of Asbran Dr. Ruth Guilherme was at Apan's headquarters: uniting professionals, spreading knowledge and inspiring attitudes.
- Celebration of 65 YEARS APAN: On February 4, 2019 the São Paulo Nutrition Association (APAN) celebrated its 65 years of great history, commitment, dedication, work and love for the profession. Event held with support from the SÃO PAULO LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY: Solemn session was attended by important representatives of Nutrition; Class entities such as Asbran, CFN, CRN3, Sindinutrisp and Deputy Itamar Borges who granted the space for the event, as well as important partners in this journey; E4MKT Agency, Racine Institute, Valeria Paschoal Institute, Mokiti Okada Foundation, Korin and Terra Frutas Orgicas.
- In Feb./19 Apan officially launches the VIII Paulista Congress of Nutrition and VIII meeting of Nutritionists; with the central theme "Food as a protagonist", the event will take place in São Paulo from August 22 to 24, 2019, organized by Apan and Fundação Mokiti Okada.
- On March 26, 2019, the Director of APAN Dr. Talissa Vieira participated in Restaurant Trends in partnership with GS & Libbra to update the Foodservice market.
- APAN was present on May 3, 2019 at the Colloquium of Entities with nutritionists held by the Faculty of Public Health USP for 1st grade students. Graduation year in Nutrition.
- On 06/05, Directors Dulcinea Carvalho and Angélica Freitas represented APAN at Centro Paula Souza, honoring the Commemorative Day of "80 years of the Technician in Nutrition". On this same occasion, in addition to the lectures, we highlight the opening of the Exhibition Neide Gaudêncio de Sá. Our thanks to Professor Maria Lúcia Mendes de Carvalho of the Paula Souza Center for the invitation.
- The President Denise Cussioli and the Director Dulcinea Carvalho of APAN were in the morning of 18/05/19 representing the Board of Asbran in a meeting promoted by the United Kingdom International Organization - NNEDPRO Global Center for Nutrition and Health Cambridge. The event took place at FIA - United Nations and counted with several other entities in order to establish networking and debate about Nutrition in various parts of the world.
- On 06/18/2019, the President of Apan was present at the 10th Nutri Leste that took place at the São Judas Tadeu University in Mooca for the event commemorating the TND day held by Etec's PROF Camargo Aranha. Etec São Mateus and ETEC Guaianazes. Apan supporting the event and promoting its actions to future TND.
- On June 26, our Director Dulcinea Carvalho was representing APAN in a meeting that takes place monthly at the School Food Council of the Municipality of São Paulo.
- In celebration of the day of the Technician in Nutrition and Dietetics, director Angélica Freitas was at Etec Cidade Tiradentes presenting APAN and publicizing our courses and our VIII CPNUTRI. On 06/27 Directors Angélica Freitas and Dulcineia Carvalho were present at Etec Uirapuru presented APAN and talked about the challenges of the technician's profession in nutrition and dietetics. We appreciate the invitation of Prof. and coordinator Pedro Ribeiro and the entire pedagogical team at the school.
. 2nd semester 2019 - From 25 to 28/7, the Multidisciplinary Brazilian Congress on Diabetes took place at Unip Vergueiro, organized by Anad. Our Director Dulcinéia Carvalho attended the event and APAN thanks the Coordination in the person of Profa. Lilian Fanny de Castilho.
-On 12.08 the Nutritionist and Director Apan Narcisio Rios was present and representing Apan in the invitation to the TV Program Alesp: with the presence of Dr. Luiz Vincente Berti Physician Surgeon, member of the Brazilian Society of Bariatric Surgery and Léo Andrade Life Coaching and Develop Creation. Subject: increase in obesity, according to the Vigitel Survey.
-On September 28, 2019: double celebration, the Nutritionist Day and the success of our VIII CPNUTRI.
-On August 29, 2019 our president Dr. Denise Cussioli, participated in the tribute to the entire history and memory of ASBRAN (Brazilian Nutrition Association), which took place in Brasília. At APAN, we congratulate ASBRAN for its 70 years.
- On August 30, 2019, directors Solange Abreu and Talissa Vieira were representing us at the commemorative event of the 80th Anniversary of the Nutrition Course at the Faculty of Public Health at the University of São Paulo.
- A meeting of people with common goals. Yes ... that was really the meaning of the partnership established between APAN (Associação Paulista de Nutrição) and FMO (Fundação Mokite Okada) to hold the VIII Paulista Congress of Nutrition and VIII Meeting of Nutritionists that took place on 22.23 and 24 August. In a meeting held to evaluate the event was gratitude and the taste of wanting more ...
- APAN was honoring the COURSE FOR NUTRITIONISTS IN COMMERCIAL RESTAURANTS, organized by CRN at FAM Campus Augusta. On this 9/14 our Director Dulcinéia Carvalho was at the opening introducing our entity to those present.
. 1st semester 2020 On 18.02.20 The President of Apan Denise Cussioli was present and congratulated the inauguration of the new collegiate of CRN3 in the new management 2020-2023. On behalf of Apan, we thank the Support, partnership and the union of the previous management and the continuity with all the collegiate of this mandate.
On March 31, 2020, Management 2017-2020 ends its mandate at Apan, to all executive, fiscal, scientific and alternate directors and to all associated employees, speakers, sponsors and supporters who have voluntarily contributed to the technical scientific development and maintenance history within the Association.
On 01.04.20 the new 2020-2023 management with the EUREKA plaque assumes the work and activities in continuity in the association, success in this new period and that APAN is always the reason to spread knowledge, develop skills and inspire attitudes.

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